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Ga. Court of Appeals Property Assessment Opinion

If you have been following my other blog (, then you probably know that one of my favorite topics is property tax assessments. Today the Georgia Court of Appeals issued an opinion dealing a blow to the Fulton County Board of Assessors. click here for the opinion In this case the plaintiff bought a residential property […]

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How a fake Facebook profile led to litigation

Last Friday the Georgia Court of Appeals issued the following opinion in the case of Boston v. Athearn: link. The case involves some mischievous seventh grade students. A couple of seventh graders decided it would be fun to create a fake facebook profile for one of their classmates, a girl, they did not like. Using the fake profile, the […]

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Noncompetition Agreements

Are your covenants not to compete enforceable? Many factors go into whether or not a court will enforce a non-compete agreement. Courts will not only consider, among other things, the scope, territorial limitation, and duration of the agreement, but also whether there was adequate consideration. Georgia and South Carolina differ as to what constitutes adequate consideration. For example, […]

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Adhesion Contracts

After re-reading my blog post from last Tuesday regarding the terms and conditions we agree to on a daily basis, I thought I should clarify that not ALL adhesion contracts are enforceable. For example, South Carolina courts view adhesion contracts in vehicle purchase agreements (the agreement the car dealer has you sign) with “considerable skepticism”. As […]

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Terms and Conditions

Today I came across this article revealing that researchers have found it would take 15 work weeks for the average internet user to read all of the privacy policies he or she encounters in a year. That is an amazing figure but not overly surprising considering how many websites the average internet user access or subscribes […]

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Welcome to my webpage! This blog will be dedicated to posts relating to law and legal topics. Please visit my blog at to read my thoughts regarding a wider range of topics. Share this blog post:

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