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NFA Gun Trust Lawyer

The Law Office of Nathan E. Huff is pleased to provide, in person or via e-mail, his clients throughout both Georgia and South Carolina with NFA Gun Trusts. NFA Gun Trusts can both simplify the acquisition of Title II weapons (such as suppressors, machine guns, short barreled-rifles) and streamline the transfer of the firearms upon death.

Not only do clients who utilize Gun Trusts to purchase the weapons bypass the requirement to obtain the signature of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of their county, but they also receive the benefit of being able to appoint multiple trustees who may possess and use the weapons.

Unlike traditional ownership forms, Gun Trusts allow for multiple people to legally use and possess Title II weapons.  The creator of a Gun Trust may also designate who will receive the items remaining in the trust after the death of the trustees and beneficiaries. A Gun Trust is an integral part of your estate planning should you currently own, or wish to own, Title II weapons.

Potential Benefits of NFA Gun Trusts:
  • Protect your executor, heir, or beneficiary from potential criminal liability and civil fines;
  • Multiple authorized users of the items;
  • Avoid typical transfer requirements upon your death; and
  • Privacy of ownership.

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